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EM TUNING: Working on Lighting going back nearly a decade we have tried and tested most HID projectors, working within the European car markets these are a perfect upgrade for headlights built in the 2000’s,  these are our go to when customers ask for more output, no one has ever been disappointed.

BASIC: Far from being basic, these projectors pack a punch! From the low beam through to the tunnel shaped high beam flood these will perform better than most new cars posh LED headlights when running the right xenon bulb!

HIGH / LOW: An integrated side-pivoting solenoid ensures the least likelihood that the shield seizes up from use or pinching, and the super fast shield drop when that high beam is hit.

HOT SPOT: The G5 is all about that hot spot life and actually have a brighter centre intensity than other variants of the G5 line up, So if you’re looking for maximum distance visibility and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of intensity in the width department and don’t mind a slight amount of bowing in the beam pattern, these are a great option for you.

DIRECT: These projectors are factory-direct which we at em-tuning have taken an age to find, as there are many variants we found these version tick all the boxes from performance and reliability, they’ve got a good track record for little to no problems out of the box, and their pre-installed clear lens will give them a nice sharp and colorful cutoff line and jaw dropping output.

D1-D4 BULBS: The G5 performance projectors are really designed for use with D1S/D2S/D3S/D4S XENON BULBS, all bulbs fit the included bulb holder with no modding needed to the holder, a lot of German cars run D1S and D3S bulbs so these are the perfect solution to swap out to.

OUR ADVICE: We recommend that when using these projectors you only mate them with Osram or Philips Xenon bulbs, if possible the bulbs should be no more than a few years old as the bulbs UV coating will eventually burn away transferring the heat to burn the reflector bowls, if you need more advice then please contact the team.

What’s Included:

2 x G5 Performance projectors, 2 x High beam solenoid pigtails, 2 x XENON bulb holders 

2 Years Warranty 


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