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Halogen: The Range of halogen bulbs that we stock here at EM Tuning have been sourced factory direct meaning we can keep the pricing lower than that of them been branded, they are supplied to well known brands like M-Tec and Nokya, we remove the fancy packaging which makes them 40% cheaper to sell on here in the UK, with this been our Version 2 of the Halogen range and now stocking them for 6 years we feel there is no better than this for the price point.

Tech: The bulbs are made using quartz glass which is very clear and very durable so if you’re looking for a bulb that offers a stylish look and strong light whilst remaining road legal, These are the perfect choice as they provide the closest colour match to factory fitted Xenon bulbs. They deliver up to 20% more light than standard lamps too making it an all round great upgrade choice.

Confidence: With these been our Version 2 of the range we tested these against our 1st offering and these completely blew them out the water, with months of testing we took those off the shelf and stocked up on these, with 6 years and hundreds of sets sold we feel that we cant improve any further on this offering that they are here to stay.

Whats Included:

2 x H7 Bulbs – 5500k

Warranty: 6 Months


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