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EM Tuning Exclusive: When we certify an item as “exclusive” this means that we own the bulb, you will struggle to find it from another seller unless bought through us, we have had a say in the design and also paid for this to be developed, made and distributed.

R & D: With All EMT exclusive products we have checked what else is available on the market from sellers that think they have the perfect product, as an ongoing commitment we check out how bright a bulb is actually needed for each application, the Numberplate lights need to be no brighter than the standard halogen light so we had this bulb designed and made for us.

OEM+: With LED chips from an OEM LED lamp fitted to many new cars from the factory we have made sure that our numberplate LEDs are the same brightness so they give you that factory look, you don’t need to stand out with the tacky units that carry 20LEDs per lamp, these are perfect and is just what we think all numberplate lights should be about.

Reliability: 2 LEDs with a heat sink means the temps that these LEDs run at is very little, this will make them last longer as they are running cooler, With 2000+ bulbs distributed since been made back in 2012 and it been a popular product in the Audi world these are the perfect way to compliment your cars rear end.

Whats included:

Bulbs per pack: 2 or 4

LED quantity per bulb: 2 x 3528smd – 5500k

Fitment Type: 36MM Festoon 

Canbus Compatible: YES

Warranty: 1 Year


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