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Research: After Years of watching market trends we have now worked out what is needed when picking the right sidelight bulb. Firstly it is down to budget and secondly it is down to brightness level but we all want both along with reliability which is what we focused our products on.

Execution: At EM Tuning we like to thoroughly test items we like and what we would use in our own car, So we bring you our range of LED bulbs that go through tests that we have 100% confidence in that you wont find anywhere else.

Don’t be Fooled: With hundreds of types out there which look the same its not always the case of they are the same, chances are that they are not, with dozens of Factories out in far east asia the manufacturing on most is completely different and raw materiel source is not the same.

Colour: Been a 5500k in colour these are Pure white with no yellow, nor any Blue in there, they are what they say on the Tin, A lot of sellers will claim they are White but when they get to you they have are more on the Cooler white side, we have learnt that this usually comes from Cheaper raw materials and manufacturing process, they are dull and wont last a month.

Low Consumption: LEDs are made to consume less power and be more reliable, with our extensive 5+ years in the lighting field we know that towering up 20 LEDs to get maximum brightness will only end if your bulb burning out after a short duration, the EMT+ range offers brightness, colour and reliability all in one small package.

What’s Included:

Bulbs per pack: 2 or 4

LED quantity per bulb:  3 x 3030SMD

Fitment: 501

Canbus Compatible: YES

Warranty: 2 Years


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