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EM Tuning: With over 6 years in the industry we know whats good and whats not, why have a high end car and settle for substandard parts like the ebay 60 LED lamp housing specials, your supercar deserves good lighting keeping it looking classy.

R & D: With All EMT exclusive products we have checked what else is available on the market from sellers that think they have the perfect product, as an ongoing commitment we check out how bright a bulb is actually needed for each application, the Numberplate lights need to be no brighter than the standard halogen light so we prefer to use the OEM VAG led lamps where possible giving you a clean look.

OEM+: Fitted as standard to R8’s from around 2012 on the V10’s and the Plus models these have been a desired upgrade for many R8 Owners, The only thing stopping them is the Error system but the kit come with the correct wiring to make this a problem of the past.

Reliability: Been OEM you will never need to worry about these again, they are built to last, no water ingress if fitted correctly and these will out last your ownership, install and enjoy.

Whats included:

Lamp Housings per pack: 2

LED quantity per Lamp: 2 x 3528 5500k(pure white)

Fitment Type: OEM SPEC VAG Housings

Warranty: 3 Year

Canceller Loom: Some Audi models may require an additional canbus Canceller loom which is made to plug into the existing wiring loom that goes to the numberplate lights, even if you buy bulbs that are canbus compatible you may encounter that some models will still give you an error,  if you have encountered this then we have put together a list of cars that require the loom for you to select from, These Looms come with a 2 year warranty.

Audi R8 – 2009– 2014 – 2 Looms Included

**Please note that these are a special order part and can take upto 4 working days to dispatch**


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