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EM Tuning Exclusive: The bulbs that made us our name in the Audi market, most Audi’s are fitted with a 501 lamp housing, this can be in the glove box, footwell, puddle lights and boot light, dropping in a generic 501 bulbs will not cut it for us, we went 1 step further and had this bulb made, we sent off dimensions and had the PCB created to make this one of the best selling bulbs we stock here at EM Tuning.

Spec: We recommend the 4 LED panel for the footwell, glove box and red door warning lights, the 12 LED panel we recommend for the Boot, we strongly believe in OEM+ mods so putting the 12 LED panel in the footwell may be over powering so in the boot its perfect as its a space that will need a lot of light.

Sourcing: With the sourcing of our LEDs we make sure that the components specced are to a high standard, working with only 1 LED factory going back a decade we have made sure that we stay on top of our end product making all led kits consistent with the 5500k desired colour you can be sure these kits will look the part once fitted.

Keeping up: as the world of cars/tech evolves some newer Audi models are coming with LEDS already fitted but they are not as bright as you would think, where possible if we feel that we can offer a upgrade to a existing LED fitting we include this in our kits, Take the Audi A4 B8 Footwell lights, they are LED already but are dim, we have a direct replacement bulb that’s included in our kits if needed, nothing any other LED supplier can offer.

What’s included:

Warranty: 2 Years

Quantity: 1 Bulb

LED Colour: White 5000k

LED’s: 12 per panel

Recommended for: Boot


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