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EM Tuning interior LED kits have been put together with each bulb type in mind, we check the way the bulb is fitted, and which way the light needs to travel to illuminate the purpose of the lamp, with a mixture of bulbs to suit each lamp you can guarantee that you interior kit from us will not disappoint, with 100’s of reviews and recommendations on the Audi forums having an interior light kit from us means you are getting a kit that has been thought out.

Sourcing: With the sourcing of our LEDs we make sure that the components specced are to a high standard, working with only 1 LED factory going back a decade we have made sure that we stay on top of our end product making all led kits consistent with the 5500k desired colour you can be sure these kits will look the part once fitted.

OEM+: Interior LED kits can be a minefield, getting the brightness perfect is how we have become known on the Audi forums for our LED’s, we make sure that they are of an OEM brightness, the Roof lamps are just brighter than the halogens that come fitted in most cars and that they don’t give you the “beamed out of space” glow, Boot lights are what we focus brightness on and most Audi Boot lamps use our EM Tuning exclusive 8 LED panel which lights up the luggage space that any other off the shelf 501 fitting bulb will do.

Keeping up: as the world of cars/tech evolves some newer Audi models are coming with LEDS already fitted but they are not as bright as you would think, where possible if we feel that we can offer a upgrade to a existing LED fitting we include this in our kits, Take the Audi A4 B8 Footwell lights, they are LED already but are dim, we have a direct replacement bulb that’s included in our kits if needed, nothing any other LED supplier can offer.

Customize: want your footwell lights red? or even green puddle lights, get in contact to see how we can tailor the LED kit to your needs, the base prices are listed and extra Coloured bulbs will incur an additional cost but one that is well worth it to make your car, well, your own.

Whats Included: Each selection will tell you which lamps are covered.

Don’t have the additional factory light pack? We can help with the supply of parts and fitting. Just contact us via the contact form.

Pictures are for illustration purpose and is what will be included in the interior kits but they do vary.


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